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Archive 2001

Audrey Riley and Andrew Zolinsky formed a 'cello/piano duo, following on from working together in the contemporary music group, Icebreaker.

The idea of playing together expands to become a project with the intention of commissioning new repertoire.

James Woodrow, also of Icebreaker, becomes interested and joins on electric guitar.

Audrey asks the brothers Nick and Rob Allum if they'd be interested in joining on two drum kits.

It's decided to play music we like, by people we revere and are interested in. A wish list is made up and Gavin Bryars and David Lang agree to write for us.

Damian Le Gassick agrees to let us have a previously unperformed short piece for cello and piano.

Steve Hillier (ex of Dub star), Mark Brydon (Moloko), Emma Anderson (Lush), Piet Goddaer (Ozark Henry), Cathal Coughlan (Fatima Mansions and Microdisney) and The Sundays are persuaded to write something for us.

The project moves away for the original piano/cello duo idea and becomes a multi-disciplinary project involving visual art when Philip Riley joins the collaboration. He chooses to respond with films dealing with the nature of hearing.

The project is now a collaboration and following Audrey's first experiences of performing with the MCDC finds a name, 'A Change Of Light'.