Live Programme

A Change Of Light is a collaboration between musicians, composers and a visual artist to present new music and art in a different perspective. Musicians Audrey Riley, James Woodrow and Andrew Zolinsky, together with Nick Allum and Rob Allum present a beautiful and unusual concert of new music written especially for them by Gavin Bryars, Steve Hillier and David Lang, amongst others. Some of the composers come from the world of formal composition, others from less formal worlds such as rock. This performance has been devised in collaboration with visual artist Philip Riley, whose computer animated projections deal with the nature of hearing.


Audrey Riley – 'cello
Andrew Zolinsky – piano
James Woodrow – classical & electric guitars
Nick Allum – drums & percussion
Philip Riley – visuals

A Change Of Light, Djanogly Recital Hall, 3rd October 2002 and The Warehouse, London, 8th October 2002

Moloko Butterfly 747
Mark Brydon Roundabout ∗
Piet Goddaer Youth As Faun ∗
Emma Anderson Mr Darkness ∗
Cathal Coughlan There's Somebody Under Premierland ∗
David Gavurin and Harriet Wheeler Life and Soul
David Lang Wed
David Lang How To Pray ∗

Denis Gaultier (1597 (1603)- 1672) Prelude
Allemande Tombeau de Monsieur de Lenclos
Takehisa Kosugi Anima 7
Steve Hillier Dryker Storr ∗
te ett, vin tva, ol tre
Damian Le Gassick A little piece...... ∗
Gavin Bryars Lauda (con sordino) ∗


Moloko (Mark Brydon) – Butterfly 747
From the album 'Do You Like My Tight Sweater' 1995. Transcribed

Mark Brydon – Roundabout
A duet for drum kit and cello in which the cellist is asked to play in an unconventional manner.

Piet Goddaer – Youth As Faun
Youth As Faun is about our never ending effort to create a simple order, opposite to the complex order of nature, chaos.

Emma Anderson – Mr Darkness
'Mr Darkness' started life as a three minute pop song but has been transformed by Emma into a piece for cello, piano and electric guitar.

Cathal Coughlan – There's Some Body Under Premierland
A musical reflection on the history of a patch of ground in Whitechapel, East London, where the composer has lived for several years. A graveyard for both the Romans and the Georgians, at one time it was the site of one of London's principal boxing venues, then a patch of waste ground, and finally a the site of quite a bland looking block of flats. The piece can be considered as a tribute to the regurgitative powers of the metropolis, the identity–effacing power of the passing years when that power is unbreakably shackled to the unending need of humanity to earn a fast shilling any way it can.

David Gavurin and Harriet Wheeler – Life and Soul
From the album 'Blind' 1992. Transcribed.

David Lang – Wed
For solo piano

David Lang – How To Pray
For drums, cello, piano and electric guitar. Marked 'heavy, slow and very drugged'.

Denis Gaultier (1597/ 1603–1672) – Prelude Allemande
Tombeau de Monsieur de Lenclos For solo guitar

Takehisa Kosugi – Anima 7 (1964)
'Choose one action from amongst any which would normally be completed in a short time and perform that action, extending the time it takes to complete the action over a longer time. Eg. 1) Take off jacket for seven minutes
1. Play oe bow stroke on a stringed instrument for the extended length of six minutes. The action may include the approach of the bow to the instrument, and the continuous action of playing a single tone on a string.'

Steve Hillier – Dryker Storr: te ett; vin tva; ol tre
Dryker Storr is three reflective pieces linked by a love of Scandinavia and it's people. Damian Le Gassick 'A little piece from 1982 that Audrey Riley twisted my arm into letting her have, which used to have the Hindemith- like title of 'elegie' , but which nw has one of those pretentious Satie-like self referential appendages.'

Gavin Bryars – Lauda (con sordino)
This short piece for cello and piano, with an optional piece for electric guitar, was written specially for Audrey Riley who has performed pieces of mine on a number of occasions in the past, notably with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company (Bi-ped). The optional guitar part is for James Woodrow who has has been a member of my ensemble for over ten years and whose playing I love.