'Audrey Riley's lyrical cello showed that contemporary music has soul. Steve Hillier's Dryker Storr exemplified the general sureness of touch – complemented particularly well by Philip Riley's animated projections. As a closing caption suggested, here was an artist with a feeling for the music'

Peter Palmer, Nottingham Evening Post

'Gavin Bryar's 'Lauda' dedicated to Audrey Riley and beautifully played ....Steve Hillier's 'te ett' was singularly complelling. It's sequence of paired chords (with autumn leaves to look at) had harmonies to ravish the soul ....David Lang's piano piece to which Andrew Zolinsky brought his considered powers ....James Woodrow's guitar solo, skilfully embellished ....Philip Riley's incentive visuals were certainly strong enough. Line drawings symbolising the mechanics of hearing had the look of early cinema ....In very slow motion, silence and semi darkness, Audrey Riley reached for her bow, took it to her cello and at last sounded the open strings. A dream, maybe, and quite haunting.'

The Echo

'John Cage's solo for cello, one 8, enhanced Interscape, in which the dancers, like the cellist Audrey Riley, are virtuoso performers'

John Parry, The Observer

'John Cage's solo for cello provides still, ruminative notes, the warmth of the gut strings' vibration summing up the buzz of a cornfield, delivered perfectly by Audrey Riley. The whole, as long as it was, was magical.'

Ismene Brown, Daily Telegraph

'Recitals are rarely this riveting'

Michael Church, The Independent – Re. Andrew

'Zolinsky made something magical of Karen Tamaka's tiny refined Crystalline'

David Murray, the Financial Times

'I have seen James Woodrow provide Frisellesque ambience for a Gavin Brayars string quartet, I have seen him lay small venues waste with blistering blues playing and he is equally adept at every single area of contemporary guitar playing. Truly a monstrous musician.'

Mark Ramsden, Musician Magazine

'For sheer poetic resonance, the work I would chose out of any in this exhibition is Philip Riley's wonderful 'Lake of Dreams' – simple but very effective'

Richard Dormant, Daily Telegraph